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Florida Workers’ Compensation Attorney

We are dedicated to providing the best workers’ comp attorney representation to our clients.  We work hard to obtain every benefit available under Florida Workers’ Compensation law and the largest workers’ comp settlements.  We will further represent our clients to obtain the best Social Security Disability benefits and payments, as well. We do this through aggressive litigation of claims, a thorough understanding of our clients’ goals, and effective communication with our clients.

Workers’ Compensation laws in Florida are very complex. You may not be aware of many benefits that are available to you.  These benefits include money for being out of work, treatment with medical specialists, second opinions, an evaluation by your own independent doctor, and payment of money based upon the severity of your impairment.

  • Are you unhappy with the medical treatment or improvement that you have received?
  • Have you been released back to work before you are ready?
  • Has the insurance company refused to pay you because they believe that you are able to work?
  • Are you falling behind on your bills due to your work injury?
  • Has your employer offered you a job earning less than your previous pay?
  • Have you been harassed at work or fired since the accident?
  • Has your employer wrongfully disclosed information about your work injury to coworkers or other individuals?
  • Has your claim been denied based on “pre-existing conditions”, “failed drug test”, or “no injury/ accident within the course of employment” ?
  • Do you have questions as to the extent of information about your work injury that a future employer may legally obtain?

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