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Workplace Accidents

Injured in an Accident? Discuss Your Rights with a Miami or Fort Lauderdale Workplace Accident Lawyer for Free

Workplace accidents are an everyday occurrence. While these accidents can happen in an instant, it can take months (if not years) to recover—and some accidents will lead to permanent disabilities. If you’ve been injured in an accident on the job, you have clear legal rights, and you should speak with a Fort Lauderdale or Miami workplace injury lawyer promptly.

Our practice is devoted to helping people recover after workplace accidents. Our lawyers have over 50 years of combined experience, and we have helped individuals and families recover just compensation after all types of serious accidents on the job. No matter what happened, if you are struggling to cope with the effects of a workplace accident, you deserve better, and you can rely on a Fort Lauderdale or Miami workplace accident attorney at our firm to fight for just compensation on your behalf.

Workplace Accidents Covered Under Workers’ Compensation

In Florida, all types of workplace accidents are covered under workers’ compensation. Most employers are required to carry workers’ compensation coverage, and most employees are eligible to file for benefits when they get injured on the job.

If you’ve been injured at work, our attorneys can determine if you are eligible to receive workers’ compensation benefits. If you are, we can deal with your employer or its insurance company to help make sure you receive the full benefits you deserve. We handle workers’ compensation claims involving all types of workplace accidents, including (but not limited to):

Lifting Accidents

Lifting accidents are among the most common causes of job-related injuries. These injuries can result from a single lifting incident or from lifting objects regularly as part of your job. Lifting accidents include those resulting in lower back pain and overuse injuries, as well as those that involve dropping heavy objects on your feet.

Slip-and-Fall and Trip-and-Fall Accidents

Slip-and-fall and trip-and-fall accidents are also extremely common workplace accidents. No matter where you work, you most likely encounter several slip and trip hazards on a daily basis. Curbs, stairs, tile floors, torn carpeting and objects left in walkways are all common factors in these accidents, and injuries in these accidents can range from sprains and strains to concussions and lower back injuries.

Falls from Heights

Falls from heights are risks for workers in construction, cleaning and various other industries. If you or a loved one fell from a roof, ladder, scaffolding or other elevated area, you should talk to a Fort Lauderdale workplace accident lawyer about filing a claim for workers’ compensation benefits.

Injuries from Falling Objects

Injuries from falling objects are also a risk for workers in construction and various other industries. This includes falling tools and building materials on construction sites, falling inventory in warehouses, and falling merchandise in retail stores. From boxes of documents to supplies and equipment placed on high shelves, many other items stored overhead can present risks for workplace accidents as well.

Hand Tool and Power Tool Accidents

Workplace accidents involving hand tools and power tools can result from misuse, defects or simple bad luck. Whether you accidentally injured yourself, a coworker made a mistake or a tool you were using at work malfunctioned, you can—and should—talk to a Miami workplace injury lawyer about filing for workers’ compensation.

Forklift Accidents

While forklifts are essential on many job sites, they can also be dangerous. Workplace accidents can happen when forklift drivers make mistakes, when forklifts tip over due to improper loading and when forklifts malfunction. We handle forklift accident cases throughout South Florida, and we can use our experience to help you seek the financial compensation you deserve.

Heavy Equipment Accidents

Dump trucks, bulldozers, cranes and other types of heavy equipment present workplace risks as well. Whether you were injured while operating a piece of heavy equipment or a heavy equipment operator injured you on the job, a Miami workplace accident attorney at The Gallagher Law Group, P.A. can help you seek maximum coverage for your medical bills and lost wages.

Excavation and Dumping Accidents

Excavation and dumping accidents are two types of heavy equipment accidents that present particular risks for workers. Digging foundations, digging trenches, and dumping material are all high-risk activities that require care, precision and supervision. If you have been seriously injured or lost a loved one in an excavation or dumping accident in South Florida, we want to help you assert your legal rights.

Industrial Machinery Accidents

Working with industrial machinery can be extremely dangerous. While companies are supposed to ensure that their machines are working properly and have adequate safety guards at all times, many fail to do so. As a result, industrial machinery accidents are common, and they frequently result in injuries ranging from broken bones to lost digits and limbs.


Electrocution is a risk for employees in all occupations and all work environments. While some electrocution incidents can be relatively minor, others can lead to catastrophic—and even life-threatening—injuries. If you or a loved one has suffered burns or other catastrophic injuries due to an electrocution accident on the job, you should speak with a Fort Lauderdale workplace accident lawyer as soon as possible.

Vehicle Collisions

If you drive for work, you face risks on a daily basis. While commuting accidents aren’t covered under workers’ compensation in most cases, accidents involving job-related driving are. If you drive a truck, van, or any other vehicle for work and you were injured in a collision, you will want to talk to a lawyer about filing for workers’ compensation benefits.

Vessel Collisions and Other Maritime Accidents

Vessel collisions and other accidents at ports, harbors, and other maritime facilities can present risks for employees on the water and on land. In addition to handling workers’ compensation claims under Florida law, we also handle maritime workplace accident claims under the Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act (LHWCA).

Filing a Claim for a Workplace Accident Outside of Workers’ Compensation

While filing for workers’ compensation is one option when you get injured (or when you tragically lose a loved one) in a workplace accident, in many cases workers and their families will have other options as well. In addition to handling your workers’ compensation claim, a Fort Lauderdale or Miami workplace injury lawyer at The Gallagher Law Group, P.A. can also handle any other claims you have available. Depending on your individual circumstances, this may include filing a claim for:

  • Personal Injury – If someone else (other than your employer) is responsible for your workplace accident, you may have a personal injury claim.
  • Premises or Product Liability – If you were injured in a workplace accident involving a dangerous property condition or a defective product, you could have a claim against the property owner or product manufacturer.
  • Wrongful Death – If you have tragically lost a loved one in a workplace accident in South Florida, our lawyers can explore all available options for pursuing a claim for wrongful death.

FAQs: Filing a Claim for a Workplace Accident in Miami or Fort Lauderdale

When Can You Seek Workers’ Compensation for a Workplace Accident in Miami or Fort Lauderdale?

If you’ve been injured in a workplace accident in Miami or Fort Lauderdale, there is a good chance that you can seek workers’ compensation. Florida law requires most employers to provide coverage for their employees, and workers’ comp covers all types of accidents on the job.

When Can You File a Claim for a Workplace Accident Outside of Workers’ Compensation?

If you are not eligible for workers’ compensation (i.e., if you are an independent contractor), or if your benefits are not enough, you may need to talk to a lawyer about filing a claim outside of workers’ comp. Injured workers can file claims outside of workers’ comp in many cases, and an experienced Fort Lauderdale workplace accident lawyer can provide a thorough assessment of your legal rights.

Should I Hire a Lawyer if I was Injured in a Workplace Accident?

Yes, if you were injured in a workplace accident in South Florida, it will be important to have an experienced Fort Lauderdale or Miami workplace injury lawyer on your side. Your lawyer can help you avoid mistakes, handle your claim for you, and make sure you do not settle for less than you deserve.

How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Fort Lauderdale or Miami Workplace Accident Attorney?

It costs nothing out-of-pocket to hire a Fort Lauderdale or Miami workplace accident attorney at The Gallagher Law Group, P.A. We do not charge any up-front or monthly fees, and our clients pay nothing unless we win.

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